Different Strokes


Tatum has been asking me lately to read to her from my journal. She enjoys the stories I have written over the years of the funny things that she and Piper have said.  When Tatum was only 15 months old I wrote about how different my girls were.  Brian’s words were something along the lines of I would have never believed it until we had our own children, but they really are SO different. And now 4 years later they are still so. very. different.  I just went in to their room, Clover and Tatum are sleeping, but Piper was awake.  She turned on her reading lamp so you could get a glimpse of what I am talking about.  Here is Tatum’s sock and underwear drawer.  It looks better than it looked last week.  Last week it also had her dirty clothes that she didn’t want to put in the hamper one night, some pajamas, and some Barbie clothes too.



And then there is Piper’s drawer.  Need I say more?

Now please, don’t get me wrong, one is not better than the other.  While it is great to have a child who is a self starter and self motivated, it also can bring up some bad feelings.  I am surrounded by oldest children in my life.  I married an oldest, my sister who lives closest to me is the oldest, and my mom is the oldest.  So when I feel that my daughter is getting bossy (which is just synonymous with oldest in my personal experiences 😉 ) I have been known to revert back to elementary school and just engage in a fight with her instead of being the parent.  But I’m working on it.

So, I just had to laugh when my hubby took these cute videos of my kiddos for mother’s day.  There is Piper the pleaser, who wants me to feel absolutely amazing since it was Mother’s Day and all, and she will even tell a few white lies to make sure that is the case, like the fact that I am more fun than her friends.

Tatum. Oh Tatum.  She must understand her purpose in life is to make us laugh.  For starters she is dressed in Batman attire, says I am special because I am a unicorn, and affirms me for pulling her loose teeth out even though she has never lost a tooth.  And maybe the best line is she starts by saying  “I’m going to tell you what my mom wrote for me to say“. Really?


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  1. Maybe Lisa and I mentioned to you in the past that each of our five children are so different , I am glad you have this page to remember these events and I hope you have a smoother journey with them into adulthood then we have , but that would be the exception rather than the rule I have now realized.

  2. I love this! Love your girls, do full of personality! In my family the rolls were reversed, Nicole was the neat and tidy rule follower and I was messy and in my own world most the time;). It is so crazy how family can be so different.

    Hey, do you make money from your blog? I know there is a way to make money even I you’re not selling anything, but I could never figure it out. Also, I will buy a swell phone one of these days!

    – Kristal

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