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Round 2


Do you know what today was? Today was “Meet the teacher” day for #2. Three years ago, I was anxious and depressed over sending #1 to school and now I am anxiously awaiting stepping into the same classroom with the same wonderful teacher with Tatum. I know she will soak it all up. Tatum is so social and loves meeting new people. While on our summer travels she met a friend at a cafe in Australia, and in New Zealand she went to two different schools and made friends. On our way home our flight was delayed and she found a girl to play with in the airport. School; piece of cake. I know it will be a transition having to get out of the house early with food for lunches and having to be back to pick her up at a certain time. But it’s not for forever and the benefits seem to outweigh the costs (otherwise we wouldn’t send her!) So here’s to kinder, my silly, friendly 5 year old!
IMG_2078She dresses herself most days if you couldn’t tell.  The first day of school will be different.  Maybe not the 2nd, but for sure the first. 😉

In my post about Back to School Blues 3 years ago, I wrote about my crazy two year old, and now she has lost some of her crazy. I am happy that “remember we only color on paper” is not something I say on a daily basis any longer, but sometimes I miss her crazy. I see her strive to be a good girl and sometimes I worry that she tries too hard and is looking for approval. She compares herself to her big sister and wishes she could be like her. “Piper always remembers her water bottle and I don’t. I try to, but I forget.” “Does my hair look good? I think this hair bow looks good even though it is Christmas. Does it?” “Piper always finishes the dishes before me.” I am so in love with this child that I don’t want her to feel in adequate. It is just amazing how deeply a parent loves each child even though they can be so different! I LOVE that #1 is obedient and understands that you sometimes have to do things you don’t want to do for the greater good. And I LOVE #2 who is not that way, but who is super social and can entertain her baby sister and make her crack up. And then there is #3, just a cutie patootie who hasn’t busted out her challenges yet (besides teething right now and being needy), and of course, I just LOVE her to pieces too! My mom’s mom had 6 girls and my dad’s mom had 12 kids. I would just have to assume that each one is so different and yet so deeply loved.
Sweet girl, may you go off to school knowing that you are so loved! ~Your biggest fan
IMG_2072Tatum with her Christmas hair bow.  No wonder Cloves cracks up.