48 hours

48 hours

After the ordeal of getting to LAX with the protests taking place on Sunday, I am happy to say that the flight and our first 48 hours have gone quite smooth. Tatum amazes me. We arrived at 5:30 in a new country and strange house, and a couple hours later, Tatum goes to sleep in a room all by herself downstairs while the rest of us are upstairs. I figured they would share a room like they do at home, but Tatum wanted her own room, and the available room was downstairs. Everyone slept well and the next morning it was the first day of school of a brand new school year. They were excitedly making their lunches, picking out hairstyles and their outfits. We then walked them to school in “windy Wellington “. It’s supposed to be summer, and yet I don’t think the temps ever made it into the 60s yesterday with gusts of wind 50 mph. However, many of the kids were dressed like it was 80 degrees.

I knew Tatum would be great and meet friends easily, but I worried about Piper. She is an introvert and won’t make a huge effort to make friends. But surprisingly, at pick-up, she told me she had made 3 friends and Tatum told me about one friend that she met. The teachers are on a first name basis with the kids. (Interesting considering that they seem so formal in other areas.) Piper’s teacher Jane and Tatum’s teacher, Emma, had only wonderful things to say about them at the end of the day.

Piper told me that at recess kids were using a tree stump as a stage and were making up songs and rapping. She said she went up with Laura and her friend because they needed someone else. I was so proud of her for coming out of her shell and making friends. But as I write this, I’m now hoping their songs were appropriate! 😬 I’m a little bit of a worrier when it comes to my kids’ innocence. Ok, 2 more hours and Piper will be home and I’ll ask her.

The weather has been less than ideal considering that it is summer. It actually makes Germany seem like they have great summers. It has only been two days though, so we will see. The forecast calls for “fine weather” on Saturday. There was supposed to be an all school picnic/pool party today, but it was cancelled due to rain. I’m guessing that we won’t be wearing many of the summer clothes that we brought.

Today Brian left for an overnight orientation, so Clover and I got our first taste of what life will be like just the two of us. We stopped at a thrift store on our way back from dropping Brian off. Slightly nerve racking driving on the opposite side of narrow streets with a two year old wanting to talk to you the whole time and wanting me to look at everything she is doing. She told me that she doesn’t have any toys at her “Ooo Zealand house”, which isn’t true, but I let her pick out some anyway. We came home and she helped me put some clothes away and then we played hide and seek. I am really excited to have this time with her. Piper was an only child until she was three. Tatum and I had a year together when Piper was in kindergarten and now I get some special time with Clover.

Here are a few pictures. A view from our living room window after the first day of school, downtime for Piper coloring a picture, “I want to make memories all over the world”, and their first day of school pic


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  1. I love this! Totally not boring. So glad to hear that you guys are there and somewhat settled. What a bummer about the weather! Oh my gosh, I was thinking about you guys on Sunday with all the protesting going on at LAX. Where the girls scared?

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!




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