Home is where the ❤ is


imageFinally some pictures of our home. Here is our living room, with an ugly forest greet futon as a couch, and some very 70s pukey green velvety chairs on the other side that you can’t see. I decided to put my duvet cover over the futon to make it cheerier in there. I found the cute wrapping paper/poster at a pharmacy and with wash tape “framed” it. I got some cheap frames and am figuring out how to get pictures printed. So hopefully soon it won’t just be our lone family picture on the wall.

Our dining room and living room. A little valentines decorations with washi tape. Gotta love the washi. I brought a tablecloth from home, but was washing it. There were so many pictures hanging in the house and kind of randomly put on the wall all over. I have a closet full of the pictures we took down and the bedding we took off, but there is still more to do. I bought two more posters to hang today.

imageBye bye old pictures and funky bedding.

And here are the rooms! Piper loves her room and here’s is a trundle under her bed for Clover. Tatum is loving having her own room and has her own bathroom too! Our room needs a little tlc, but we are mostly happy that the kids have made their space their own and are adjusting well.


That’s the front, right smack dab between a beautiful church and Domino’s pizza. The row of shops is the center of our village. There are 6 shops and  3 of them are pizza. Directly next door to Domino’s is Pizza Hut. 🙂 There is a little market squeezed in there somewhere and Piper loves being able to go up there by herself and grab me something we need for dinner or to drop something in the mail.


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  1. Love seeing updates and what you’re doing! Home IS where the heart is and your heart is clearly there to support your hubby and love on your kids! Hugs! Praying for your transition.

  2. You guys never cease to amaze me! You know if that was us there, we probably wouldn’t even think of redecorating for 5 months, haha! Great house, I love how the girls made them their own, and even a trundle for Clover like at home [♥]

    So, funny you asked me about Gymnastics because I just got an email today the the class is cancelled!:( I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit relieved, but he really loves it and so I’m so sad for him. They have a class on Tuesdays in Newport Coast, but I’m not sure about starting three weeks in, he was just getting really comfortable in the other space and with (what was becoming) his buddy.

    We’ve been constantly getting together with some new friend in long beach though who have a son around Lukes age and they seem to really like each other. I think I’ll try finding a music class locally too… I think everything is mid session though..


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