It’s a common theme with my blog posts.  How could it not be, I have 3 young “ish” kiddos. THEY GROW UP WAY TOO FAST AND HATE IT! It’s Piper’s birthday today, but not just any birthday. She’s 10! Ten years old, double digits, a decade! I have been a mother for a decade already? My little baby, my sidekick in Germany, the little girl I sent off to kindergarten just the other day is 10 and turning into a young woman more and more each day. The girls are at school right now and earlier today Clover and I watched this Netflix documentary Precious Puppies for a bit (this is not a recommendation, it’s kinda cheesy). Anyway, I am a bit emotional today I guess over Piper being 10 because I was getting bummed that the puppies are only cute and little for a couple of weeks. None of it seems right. I started getting philosophical and started hoping that in heaven we aren’t tied to this time and space continuum and maybe puppies can stay puppies forever! Except that doesn’t help me now with this whole getting older business. I am still getting gray hair and my first born is now 10.


On a more positive note, I am so proud of her. She has done extremely well to transitioning to life here in New Zealand and to being in school. She has made some friends and invited a few over this afternoon for pizza and pazookies. She also got to celebrate with the Paulsons last week where we jumped off bridges, went luge racing and she, Tatum and Jude went zorbing, a NZ invented adventure where you are tossed down a hill in a giant hamster ball.

The days were sometimes long, but the years have definitely been short. Our next decade together will be watching her go from my girl to my friend.


Brian made her a “10” pancake. She said she wanted to take a selfie with her pancake. 😁


Tatum made her this abalone necklace and she told Tatum to sit on her lap for the picture. Sweet.


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  1. In these pictures she looks like she’s grown up even more just since you guys have been gone( not that your mommy heart wants to hear that.) Happy 10th Birthday Piper!!!!

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