Tuned out and turn off


If you were to ask me the best part of being in New Zealand, you might be surprised by my answer.  It is not the wild outdoors, though I love that, nor is it the pristine coasts that stretch on for miles.  Though I love that too.  My answer would be the same if I were here, or in Kentucky or even Antarctica.  I hate being cold though, so I don’t have a huge desire to go to Antarctica.  And let’s be honest, the great outdoors help.  They definitely make the transition easier.  But what I really love is that I have a free schedule.  It can be lonely, but lonely mostly when I spend too much time thinking about it.  It is also so freeing.  I can leave my phone home all day and not worry about missing a text, remember those days?  It wasn’t that long ago that you didn’t have a phone probably.  You would go somewhere, enjoy yourself and not worry if someone was trying to get ahold of you or not.  For the most part, no one is trying to get a hold of me, and I am okay with that.  I can’t ever get this back.  This is a season, a season that is only here because we are the newbies.  I want to see this as a gift.

I feel like I know the goodness that can come from this experience, and perhaps, I can see it as good since I know it is not for forever.  My heart felt worried about being lonely when we first arrived, but as the first month passed in what seemed like a flash, I realized that June is going to be here before I know it.  The worry eased, as well, when I felt like I knew what to expect from Brian and his new schedule.   Perhaps next week it will be back, but for now I am relishing our short time here.  It is freeing to spend time with Clover and not have the phone ringing or dinging for a message.  Interesting enough, I left my phone in the U.S. and life is still going on.  It is going on for me, and it is going on for all of those people in my contacts list despite the fact that the phone is in a drawer somewhere at home.  It is making me rethink how I want to use the devices we are so attached to.  Is it necessary to have a sound go off when a texts comes through or can it wait?  Can I have a designate time in the day that I check emails?  This little gadget which was sold to us with the hopes of making our life easier can complicate things so much!  And so, while you are waking up early just to get a few minutes to yourself before the kids wake, I am over here twiddling my thumbs.  Okay, not really, but my house is getting picked up and cleaned more regularly.  I have had time to paint and write on my blog.  I was invited to coffee, and was able to say “my schedule is open, any day!”  Here I am.  Being still more.  Reading more.  Praying more.  Sleeping more.  I love sleep 🙂 . And most of all I get to be present more.  That is a gift.


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