37 going on 3

37 going on 3

We had a lovely day celebrating Clover’s 3rd birthday.  There was a playgroup on the morning of her birthday and so we brought cupcakes and a candle.  It felt like an instant party with friends and all.  After school we discovered a nearby indoor pool with a kiddy area and waterslide.  The older girls saw some school friends there, so that ended up being really fun for them.  The plan was to order fish n’ chips takeaway for dinner since Clover’s most favorite food is French fries, but we insist that she has to eat something else besides just fries.  She says, “in New Zealand you call French fries chips”.  We ate dinner, sang and had cupcakes, and played pin the tail on Peppa Pig.  We all enjoyed the day and, to be honest,  it made me want to make an effort to have family parties more often.


Two was not terrible, and I am hoping that I don’t have a “three-nager” soon like I did with her older sister.  Clover is a “go with the flow” kind of gal and I feel like she has grown up so much just since being in New Zealand.  Because she is the youngest and there are 4 and 7 years between her and her sisters, she is quite babied by all of us.  We are probably creating a monster.  I’ll let you know soon. 😉 She beats on her sisters, kicking them or hitting them over and over even when they say stop.  Not to be vicious, just to be annoying.  When I walk into the room, she hugs them and kisses them and says she’s sorry.  Clover loves numbers and talking about numbers, but the context is always quite interesting.  She’s adjusting to this new business of being 3 and is quite confused because she has been 37 since November.  17352087_10210780733947196_517042900042124225_nEver since I had my birthday she has said she is 37 as well.  She kept saying that she would be 35 on her birthday but seems to have decided against it.  The other day when someone asked her how old she was, she hesitated and said, “Ummm, uhh, a gwey (grey) number” referring to her #3 silver mylar balloon.  When her sisters were commenting on how her hair has grown, they asked her how long her hair was she said, “$60”.

If I could freeze time and remember her right now, this is what I would say about Miss Clover.  She does not like chocolate, but loves lollipops.  She is an animal lover and talks in a high voice when she sees dogs on the street and has to be warned every time not to pet any dogs without asking the owner.  She loves to do everything her sisters do and refers to them as “my sisters” which is of course darling.  “Are we going to pick up my sisters today?” and cute sayings like that.  She uses the words “her” and “hers” for “your” and “yours”, which can get confusing sometimes when she hands me a marker and says, “that’s hers” and even more confusing when she says that to Brian.

I can’t count on my memory to remember all of her cute ways, which is why I have to write them down.  So, thank you for bearing with me.


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  1. I like when she calls me and says I want to see her face! Love it. Or “No ones talking” and then it’s me Clover in her cute voice- call me.

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