My middle is not so little



My sweet middle had a birthday this month, and though we have been busy with friends and family visiting, I felt like I need to take a moment and tell you about this special girl. Somehow she is 7.  Ever since she was born she has been my baby and not in a hurry to grow up. She was the latest of the 3 to walk and she wouldn’t hold her own bottle even when she was very capable. Nw at 7, I can say that she still just loves being a kid and is in no hurry to grow up.  When Brian called Clover his baby the other day, Clover said, “I’m not your baby.  Tatie’s your baby.”  Even Clover is on to it.

If you have more than one child, then you know this isn’t about favorites.  I can’t have a favorite, but I try and recognize their unique personalities and to foster those.  While I think she is totally amazing, I do feel sometimes that isn’t always obvious to everyone that knows her. She is just fine letting Piper take over a conversation and Piper is very happy to do so. She can also be quite silly, too silly even, especially around visitors and this can just be annoying.  But (you knew I was going to say “but” didn’t you?) if you can spend time with her, she has the most amazing things to say.

Tatum is so passionate.  It is funny because my friend Bettina bought Tatum a book called Tatum and her Tiger and it is about the character, Tatum being so passionate and that is why she has a tiger. The boy who is silly has a monkey, and so on.  Anyway, it couldn’t be more accurate.  She speaks with such passion about the funniest things, like using the toilet after someone else because the seat is sooo warm (true story). She is also passionate about animals and bugs and insects. This girl has a future in becoming a vet or being an expert on rollie pollies, because I think there just might be a need. These are pictures just from our few days on the South Island.


Getting a little llama lovin’.


She found something intriguing, not sure what it was.


She wanted a picture of every mushroom we passed on our hike.


Transferring this jellyfish to a pool she and Piper made for it.

When people ask what Tatum would like for her birthday, I can just say she likes every trending fad that is marketed for 7 year olds.  I would prefer that she was into her American Girl dolls more, or that she wouldn’t lose things and keep them a bit longer, but that’s not the case. So for 2 birthdays now, I have told people what she actually “wants” for her birthday.  This year she got Pokemon cards, and lots and lots of Shopkins and Beanie Boos.  You know those classic toys that you hope to save for your grandkids…or not.  Let’s just say she is the perfect target for those in advertising and marketing of toys.

Tatum is our cuddler. She likes holding hands, and snuggling up on the couch. Most mornings I wake up to her sitting under a blanket on the couch with Brian. She is our early bird. At least once a week she’ll ask for a sleepover. And this girl can never have enough of a good thing. Sometimes it comes across as ungrateful, but now I think she’s just trying to milk the most out of the situation. The other day Brian took her to get a coffee and she got a “fluffy” (milk foam with cocoa sprinkled on top). Tatum said when she finished, “I wish I could have two fluffies.” That is how it goes with her. Why not at least try, right?

Tatum you are such a good big and little sister and we couldn’t love you more. Your joy is contagious.


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