All about Dad this Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day, but this post is actually about how awesome Brian is.  He and Piper are headed to bed early tonight because tomorrow they are off on a 10 year old adventure.  I haven’t read the book, I don’t know all the ideas, but before we ever knew we would be living in New Zealand, before we knew we would have 3 kids, Brian was inspired to take each of his children on a 10 year old adventure.  The book is Love Does by Bob Goff, and the gist of the 10 year old adventure is doing something really special with Dad, spending one on one time and celebrating turning double digits.  Because most likely, they will be double digits the rest of their lives.

Their trip is extra special because they are actually meeting up with another super dad and daughter, Jason and Ella Fizzard who live in Vietnam.  The 4 of them are off to Hong Kong to have some fun, hang out on beaches, and for the girls to know how much they are loved.

And that’s all I got written on Mother’s Day.

Hmm, what was I saying.  Well, I love the 10 year old adventure because it was Brian’s idea and I love that the girls have a dad who is so invested and wants to spend time with them.  Now they are off, and I already miss them, but I am excited.  I know that Piper might think this is all about fun and adventure, but in another 10 years I hope she looks at the experience and sees that it was so much more than that.  She is loved and she is valued by the most important man in her life right now.  He took time from work, he saved money, and spent countless hours planning for this.  He packed their journals and watercolors, he read to her the chapter from the book Love Does about 10 year old adventures last night, and he has an art project planned that has to do with a map of Hong Kong.  The thought that went into this was a labor of love no doubt.  And I hope that Piper remembers always how much she is loved and how a man should love her when she is ready for that, even though I may never be.

hi from oz

I told Piper that I needed a picture a day.  She said, “A picture a day keeps the sadness away.”  So here they are on the plane in Sydney.  The caption said, 5 + 5 = 10

And now I am waiting for tomorrow’s pic.


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