Hong Kong in a Nutshell



In just a few short hours I get o see these two after 8 long days. I  couldn’t have imagined what their time would be like, but from the pictures that showed up on my iCloud every morning and the few conversations I had with them, it sounds like it was a wonderful week of bonding.  They journaled, painted, ate yummy food, and of course Brian did his fair share of embarrassing Piper by buying a funny hat and wearing a medical face mask. I expected it would be a time of growing closer for the two girls who see each other about every year and a half. But what I didn’t realize is that it was much needed for the dads as well.

I am grateful for the week they had to spend time with their oldest and to pour into them and pray over them. I was laughing so hard I was crying watching the “talent show” that they did on their last night together (gotta get permission before I post it 😉 ). Tatum was next to me, beaming as well, and said that she can’t wait until it is her turn.

On their last day there, they said goodbye to their friends who were catching an earlier flight and went on a boat excursion to see pink dolphins. We had gotten some books on Hong Kong and found out that there is a rare breed of pink dolphins, only 60 remaining in the world. When Piper was little she wanted to go to the Amazon to see the pink dolphins that she had learned about on Dora or Diego (gotta love what they learn on TV!). So when Brian heard there were pink dolphins in Hong Kong, he knew he had to add it to the agenda. With only 60 left in the world, they managed to see 6 or 7.  Pretty impressive!  Here are some pics from their last day together.

I think that it is so great that so many of you thought that this adventure was such a cool idea.  The best gift really is time.  It’s not too late if your kid is 14. It doesn’t need to be a week in another country.  It doesn’t matter if it is a son or daughter, or if you are a mother or a father.  It’s about quality time with your child.  It is as much for you as it is for your kids.


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