Monthly Archives: October 2017

Just Call Me Dramatic


I’v been being a bit dramatic lately.  I am blaming hormones.  No, I’m not pregnant, and I think I am too young for menopause, but whatever it is, it is making me feel like an out of control middle schooler.  Take that and mix it with the normal parenting of 3 kids and it seems like everyday we have the perfect storm.  More times than I want to admit I have said “I hate my life” this past month.  Don’t get all worried about me, I am okay.  I am dramatic.  I don’t really mean I hate my life.  I just mean I hate aspects of my life.  What do I mean?  Well, I hate that kids bicker and I nag.  I HATE nagging.  I don’t want to nag and I don’t want my kids to bicker, but it happens.  I hate that my 3 year old knows perfectly well how to annoy her 7 year old sister.  I hate that the 7 year old reacts like WW3 just broke out and I hate that my 10 year old babies her 3 year old sister as if she is an innocent angel which sends the 7 year old to her room crying because she feels that nobody likes her every. single. time.

That’s what I mean.

But do you know what I love?  I love that I have friends that I can be real with.  Friends who know that I love being a mother and I wouldn’t change staying home with them for the world.  Even so, that doesn’t change that some days are HARD.  And do you know what else I love?  I love that these moments don’t last forever.  I love that yesterday and today the kids have made a plan to be super good students going so far as practicing their Spanish together on their own.  They did 4 pages of math in the car and even got Clover to play PlayMobil while they worked.  They felt that if they were good students I would let them make lipstick and it worked.  Today they pulled out the PlayMobil and played together and I just cherished the moment because my 10 year old rarely plays with toys anymore, and even more rare is for them to all play together.  There is something to be said for having your kids close in age.  My mom had the 3 of us in 3 years 3 months, and while I am sure that there were years of chaos and crazy, we played together. A lot.

This mom business is hard.  And while my FaceBook posts might not always portray that, it’s true.  My fb moments are true too, but just remember that we are all just posting moments.  They are only snapshots.  The bickering, that’s just another snapshot.  Just not one that makes the fb cut.