Slowly but Surely


It amazes me how the passage of time changes things.  Just a few short weeks ago I couldn’t imagine myself in this house.  It didn’t feel like me and yet, so so much has happened since then.  Don’t even think for one second that the hideous carpet has grown on me.  Not a chance.  But. But. More of our belongings are filling the house and we have met some neighbors (hooray!) To my surprise, while we were housesitting at Tatum’s friend’s amazing house in our old neighborhood for a few days, Tatum said after the 2nd day, “I want to go home.”  And when Brian asked Piper if she liked being back in Wellington, she said, “I really like Waitarere Beach and Wellington.” When you disrupt your kids lives and take them out of their very comfortable norm, it sure is comforting to see them doing okay, and to be thriving feels like an added bonus.

A few weeks ago we checked out the school because Tatum really wanted to meet friends.  We started praying for friends for the girls, and I was pretty much giddy one week later when there was an impromptu gathering at my house with 2 ladies, their children, a bottle of wine and gluten free brownies.  When we sat down for a dinner of fish n chips, I just wanted to thank God for bringing us to this place in such a short time.  It was our 2nd time ordering fish n chips, the first time was our very first night here, and all I could think about as I was walking back with dinner in my hands was how very different things are…already!  Thank you God for answered prayers!  Fast forward another two weeks and today we took the kids plus 2 friends to a free day at one of the pools and Clover was invited to play with the grandchildren of a woman we met.  So, everyone is making friends.


Now, let me tell you about Lois, the lady with the grandchildren.  Amazing!  Please, be this person to a new face.  We went to church here after our first week here and Lois gave me her number and invited us over for afternoon tea.  Since then, I have borrowed her vacuum, a paint brush, puzzles, scooter, helmet and more.  It was like I needed one person that I knew I could go to, and by giving me her number (she obviously didn’t know what she was getting herself into!) she became my go-to person.  And the bonus is that she sews!  She has made the big two beautiful dresses and Clover some leggings.

I decided to ask Piper to tell me how things have changed this month.  She is so matter of fact. 🙂   Here is what she had to say:

When we first arrived it was really cold and rainy and the house was hideous.  It was really boring because we had no friends and I was just sitting inside with my family all day.  We have a wood burning stove that we have to light everyday and is a nuisance because we have to watch it all the time.  We live a couple of blocks from the beach and the beach is covered with driftwood, bones and shells. The first day of Spring was on Sept. 1 and since then the weather has gotten way nicer.  Another nice thing is that we have made a few friends and it has gotten a lot less boring.  We’ve attended a church just down the street with only 15 people.  They are all around 70 years old.  We met a really nice lady from the church and she has already made me and Tatum a dress. 



IMG_7877How gorgeous are these dresses!  I especially love seeing Piper in a dress as she isn’t one to get out of her leggings often.  And btw, what happened to her these past 6 months?!  It is like she grew up all at once!

IMG_4616And one more thing, we are still amazed by the sunsets here.  Every night that we are home Brian takes a picture and Tatum usually goes along hoping to find some more treasures.


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  1. Hi everyone!
    I love reading your blog! So happy things are going well for all and everyone’s making new friends. I love Piper and Tatum’s new dresses. How sweet of your new friend to do that. The sunsets are gorgeous! Take care. Hugs and kisses to all of you.
    Love you all,
    Aunt Deb

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