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a good laugh


Part of the joys of being married to a Special Education teacher are some of the stories my hubby shares with me when he comes home.  I thought I’d pass a few on in case you found them as humorous as I do.

One boy, apparently a smart little lad(compared to who, I don’t know), who lacks social skills (and some basic common sense it seems as well), sat down next to a fellow student for lunch and asked, “So how many legs do you have?”

A girl student was writing about their trip to Home Depot where they made a project.  I am sure her mom would have wondered what they were teaching her at school because she wrote that she made a penile box.  Penile and pencil, may look similar, but not two words you want to mix up!

And Brian being the conscientious citizen that he is takes public transportation to work.  That is not normal around here, we live in an area where every household has at least two cars and so the people that are on the bus can sometimes be quite interesting.  For instance, yesterday Brian sat across from Raggedy Ann apparently.

She looks like a balloon lady, but she wasn’t even that normal.  She didn’t talk and communicated by notepad.  She handed Brian a note that said, Wallgrens?  Brian proceeded to tell her that he didn’t know where there was a Walgreens and when she got off the bus at his same stop it looked a bit like Will Farrell in Elf, completely bewildered by her environment.  I am not sure if I would have been able to keep a straight face (and it seemed neither could she, she wore a perma-smile on her face the whole time according to Brian).

And if you have never checked out awkwardfamilyphotos.com you totally should.  These make me laugh…